Painting your house may seem like a simple task. With a roller, a brush, a ladder and a can of paint your dreams can be easily attained. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. From hidden obstacles to hidden costs, hiring a pro will save you time and money in places you may not have imagined. If you are thinking of doing it yourself, here are some benefits of hiring a professional painter you may want to consider.

No Hidden Cost

The professionals know what they need before they begin. With over 60 years of experience, we come prepared and never waste a moment. Our crews are have the tools and paint to tackle any obstacles. Save yourself extra time running back and forth for supplies and hire a professional.

No Hidden Obstacles

Painting projects are full of surprises. You may start painting only to find water damage and stumble into a renovation project that you never imagined. Our crews don’t like surprises either, that is why our estimators know what to look for when they arrive for a consultation. They can provide you with a straightforward estimate and present our crew with the full scope of work – hidden obstacles eliminated.

Professional Results

After slaving away over a painting project, there is nothing worse than finding a run or a drip. Elias Painting crews are comprised of master painters.

Years of Experience

We have been doing this for 60 years. With that experience comes the peace of mind that your painting project will be immaculate. When you put the project in our hands and you will be delighted. Your home is a big investment. You wouldn’t paint your own car, why paint your house?

Industry Insight

Not only are we aware of the latest treatments and colors for your walls but we also have the technique to create any desired effect.

Reduced Stress

Painting is a chore, and who has time to take on such a stressful project? Leave it to the professionals and make some more time for yourself.

Professionals are Insured

Don’t risk your safety trying to balance on a ladder with a paint bucket. Our crews have been professionally trained. You can trust your project to professionals who are fully insured and experienced.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a professional painter for your next project. At Elias Painting we ensure First Class Workmanship and we let our experience do the talking.

If you find yourself torn between hiring a professional and going the DIY route, contact us for a consultation.
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