A brief history of Elias Painting

It all started in 1957, Elias Ghantous was laid off from his job. Elias was a house painter who had emigrated from Lebanon to Johnstown, Pennsylvania a year prior. Jobless and refusing to take government handouts, he took to the streets.

Door to door Elias went and in his broken-English, heavily accented by his native Arabic, he offered to paint houses for $10 a room. After making $50 the first day, he continued to work independently until 1960.

With perseverance and vision, Elias Ghantous took his door-to-door painting business downtown. Elias Painting has always been located at 325 Bedford Street, a gorgeous historic building in downtown Johnstown. Elias and his wife Betty worked hard to build a successful business with a strong reputation.

Elias Painting | Johnstown, PA

Elias Painting was rooted in residential work, but Elias would not stop there. His eagerness to explore new avenues led him into commercial painting, light industrial and painting/restoration of churches. Working alongside his son, Albert Ghantous, they built Elias Painting into the business it is today.

Elias Painting Now

Today Albert works alongside his own son, Elias Ghantous, together they ensure each job is handled with the same care and commitment our customers have come to expect.

Elias Painting 2020

Elias Painting still employs a crew of master painters who take pride in their work and have 200 years of combined experience. Elias Painting still operates under the motto, “First class workmanship a must,” and Elias’ family is diligently working to preserve his legacy.

Elias Painting specializes in residential painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, church painting, icon restoration, statue repair and a number of other services. They also have the talent and organization to manage large commercial projects or the delicate touch and detail of your finest religious icons and statuary.

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