The painting business is a steady industry. Lucky for us there is always something that needs a fresh coat of paint. No matter how reliable the industry, businesses fail all of the time. How do you sustain a business for years, decades, even generations? You do it by learning quickly and rolling with the punches. There will be setbacks, there will be mistakes, but in 60 years of painting we have learned what components make our company successful.

Elias Ghantous founded Elias Painting in 1960. The principles on which he started the business were simple, provide the best work possible in order to provide for his family. Going from door to door, Elias’ charisma and craftsmanship propelled his business into what it is today. So what lessons did we learn in all of our years of business? Honestly, we have kept Elias’ core values at the center of our business model and built from there.

1 – It’s all about relationships

Did we mention how charismatic Elias was? Even speaking broken English he was able to foster trust between clients and himself. Customer service always comes first at Elias Painting. We work hard to understand our customer’s expectation so we can not only meet them, but also strive to exceed them. Creating relationships with neighbors and business people in the community helps to grow our business and strengthen our local commerce. We are proud to be located in Johnstown and we enjoy giving back to our community and fostering those relationships.

2 – Reputations generate business

It is no secret that word gets around, especially in this town. That is why we make sure that the words getting around about us are all good! By creating strong relationships and satisfied customers we have cultivated a strong reputation. Our reputation is something we do not take lightly, with each job we complete we know our names are on the line and that is why we work with such an attention to detail.

3 – Let your work speak for itself

A good reputation and strong relationships in the community are null and void if your work does not shine through. That is why we only hire master painters at Elias Painting. Our crews are highly trained, and most of all, proud of their work. Superior work starts with superior products. When master painters are given the best possible supplies it is a recipe for success. Our commitment to quality compels us to complete each job to our high standards. If our name is on the project we can guarantee FIRST CLASS WORKMANSHIP.


As you can see we have learned a lot in 60 years, but we have mostly just stuck to our guns. We know that Elias Painting was established on respectable values, and we have been working to uphold those principles for 60 years. If you want to know how we stay in business, it is through hard work and dedication to our customer.

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