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Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Christian Church Dome

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Dome Regilding

St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Windber, Pennsylvania has a long legacy. In 1938 parish purchased their property and they build their first church in Windber. Seven years later, in 1945, the new church was consecrated. After the original church building was destroyed in a fire, the new building was built in 1972.

St. Peter and Paul was facing a serious problem while re-gilding the dome of their church, nothing would stick! Due to the unique geographical location of the borough of Windber, it is subject to severe weather. All of this weather was causing paints and coatings to wear way too quickly, at the cost and frustration of the perish. 

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Dome Regilding

Elias Painting worked diligently to solve their problem, coming up with a lasting solution. Using experience and industry knowledge we reviewed all possible applications, weighing their durability until we came up with an effective answer.

The St. Peter and Paul dome re-gilding issue was finally solved with special 22K gold wrap. Elias Painting applied the wrap to the dome, with master painters working high in the sky to ensure the job was done properly. Currently, the gold-wrapped dome gleams in the sunlight as it resists the weather of Windber, PA.

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Dome

Re-gilding isn’t always a matter of finding the right paint or coating solution for your dome, sometimes it takes creative problem solving.

If your dome is in need of regilding or repair, consult Elias Painting to learn more about all of the options available.

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