Elias Painting 60th Anniversary

It’s our 60th anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate 60 years of painting in Johnstown. As we reflect on our history, we are full of gratitude for all of those who have supported us on this journey.

Elias Painting wouldn’t exist without the fortitude of our founder, Elias Ghantous, his entrepreneurial spirit shaped the groundwork on which our entire business has been built.

Holding his motto, “First Class Workmanship a Must” on our mind and in our heart in all that we do.

If you’d like to you can read more about his story from losing his job and painting door to door to building Elias Painting into the professional painting business that we are today read more about us.

Betty Ghantous at Elias Painting

By his side throughout the endeavor was his wife, Elizabeth “Betty” Ghantous. The rock of the business, working diligently to manage everything behind the scenes, and her management savvy was an integral part of Elias Painting where she worked for 51 years from 1960 until her retirement in 2011.

Elias and Betty built their business in the heart of Johnstown, and from then until now Elias Painting wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. We extend our deepest gratitude to those who allowed us to come into their homes, churches, and businesses.

When you open your door to our master painting crews you give us the opportunity to perfect our craft and prove ourselves worthy of the reputation we have built. We have enjoyed working with customers from all over the area and all walks of life. Thank you for trusting us and supporting us for the past 60 years, it will continue to be our pleasure serving our community.

Elias Painting 60th Anniversary

Throughout Elias Painting’s history we have had a host of loyal professionals who cannot go unnoticed. We are a family business and growing our business over the past 60 years has truly been a family affair. Whether with brush in hand or behind the scenes, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our family banding together time and time again.

Elias Painting Master Painters

Not everyone who had a hand in Elias Painting has been family, though we regard them as such. So many employees have worked tirelessly over the years, especially our master painters who go beyond all expectations. “First Class Workmanship,” is, “A Must,” but it is more than just a motto. Behind those words have been many tireless hands.

Current employees are among those tireless hands, master painters and office staff who we hold in the highest regard. 

A great business is never run in a vacuum, we couldn’t do what we do without the Greater Johnstown community. From the beginning the support of the local community as lead us to grow our business and seize new opportunities. After getting started in residential painting we were able to learn the nuances of commercial painting and the specialized skills to paint churches.

60th Anniversary Elias Painting Johnstown, PA

We’ve always been Johnstown proud, and that will never change.

In celebration of their 60th anniversary, Elias Painting hopes to execute the following promotions:

  • New content telling the Elias Painting story
  • Throwback photos for our 60th anniversary
  • A contest for people to “Share their Elias Painting Story”
  • Painting the ghost sign on our building
  • Local event sponsorships
  • Renovating the storefront and signage

Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned for upcoming announcements to learn where you can join in the celebration.

In 2020 Albert Ghantous, Elias’ son, and Albert’s son, also named Elias Ghantous, are working to preserve a legacy. Not only the legacy of Elias Painting, but the legacy of Elias Ghantous himself, constantly innovating and growing. Building off of a successful business starts with reflection on what got us this far.

Want to read more about what we’ve learning in 60 years of painting?

Keeping in mind what we’ve learned over the last 60 years, and full of gratitude for those who have brought us this far, we are looking, enthusiastically, to the next 60 years. Through continuously exploring business endeavors and applications we will keep ourselves at the forefront of both the commercial and residential painting industries. In doing this we will keep in mind, the future of Johnstown and where we fit in, continuously serving our clients, employees and community we have high hopes for what the future holds.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you for 60 years – here’s to the next 60!