We love Johnstown. We’ve lived and built our business here for the last 60 years; it’s our home. 

We want to help others find inspiration in their surroundings while highlighting the town that made us what we are today.

You might be having a hard time choosing a color scheme for your home, and we want to help. Look at the world around you; it’s vibrant and bursting with color inspiration. Do you love the tones in the Johnstown Mural? Or have you always admired the light yellow on the inclined plane? Why not cherry-pick your favorite colors right out of your surroundings.

We are calling this photo series Johnstown Color Inspiration. We walked around the city with our cameras and snapped a few shots of the colors we saw along the way. From these photographs, we created individual color schemes. So while you may have never thought, “I want my house painted like the Bottle Works,” the perfect color might be hiding in their facade. 

Johnstown Mural - Color Inspiration

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These photos are just a start to the series; we hope to keep taking pictures throughout the seasons to help you find color inspiration in the world around you. Even if you aren’t searching for a color to paint your home, we hope we can inspire you to slow down and enjoy the vibrancy of Johnstown.

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