Churches across the nation are facing similar problems with shrinking congregations. Rather than focusing on recruitment, why not move that focus inward. Not to you personally but the interior of your church.

What is your sanctuary like? Is your church in need of repair?

People young and old are seeking a reverent space to worship, that is why it is important to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Before your liturgy even begins your congregation is affected by the ambiance inside your church.

Though you want to create a magnificent space you also do not want your atmosphere to distract from worship. Find the right balance for your religion or congregation, every church is a little different.

Allow your physical church to become a reflection of the individuals who worship there.

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Church | Johnstown, PA

Sitting in a room full of disrepair, cracked walls, fading iconography or water damage doesn’t create the sense of majesty that your church deserves. These sorts of distractions are what keeps people from coming back to worship consistently.

Church Painting

Color choice is a vital step in your renovation process. Rather than just slapping another coat of whatever color is already there, you want to take color theory into consideration.

Remember that the colors you choose can send an important message. Even changing the hue of a color can change the whole feel of a room, so don’t think blue is blue. One blue might add a calming effect while another might exude a sense of depth.  You want to remember the symbolism associated with each color. Keeping on the topic of blue, since it is the color of the sky and sea it is often associated with the earth while representing trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, truth, and heaven,

It is important to consider the profound spiritual experiences that will take place in your church and create an environment that is conducive to those meaningful experiences.

St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church | Johnstown, PA

At Elias Painting we deploy generations of experience, color theory and our own passion for religion in each church painting project.

We work closely with the clergy throughout the process to:

  • Define the scope of the renovation
  • Repair iconography and artwork
  • Choose colors, using color theory
  • Complete project with quality workmanship

Don’t invest in recruiting new members to your church, create an atmosphere for your current congregation to worship and others will follow.

Are you considering a church renovation?

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