“First Class Workmanship a Must” Our motto is not something we take lightly. Each project, each task and each day we practice what we preach. This may seem like an inflammatory claim because many companies cannot hold up to the standards they create for themselves. That is why we decided to show you our game plan! We guarantee first class workmanship at Elias Painting by following these strict guidelines.

Attention to detail

We leave no stone unturned. From the time we are presenting our customers with an estimate we are careful to consider all of the aspects of each project. Once our crew is on the job, they have a clear idea of the scope of work and they are careful to complete each task to the Elias Painting standard.

Customer Service

Throughout a project, we work closely with our customers. We want customers to feel comfortable relaying suggestion, concerns or even changing their minds. Maintaining a friendly, honest relationship is key to creating happy customers. When they can communicate concerns with us, Elias Painting can ensure the project meets their standards as well as our own.

Superior Products

We don’t skimp on materials, you can’t if you want to be the best. First class workmanship starts with using the best products for the job. From our tools to our paint, primer, and stain we know what works best on each surface and how these products work together. We will never choose a lesser quality material to make a buck, we haven’t since 1960 and we aren’t going to start now.

Master Painters

Superior products and tools are made better by skilled laborers. At Elias Painting we only hire master painters. Our trained professionals have a combined 200 years of experience. Bringing this expertise to each project, we can guarantee that our crews consist of the best painters this town has to offer. We are proud of the Elias Painting crews and we do not take hiring lightly. It is easy to guarantee first-class workmanship when you have first-class workers.

Commitment to Quality

Lastly, you can be sure we will bring first class workmanship to your project because we do not settle for anything less. When we take on a project at Elias Painting we do not take it lightly! There are no “easy” projects or “quick” projects; they all receive the same attention to detail as our biggest projects.

At Elias Painting we guarantee first class workmanship as a solemn promise to our master painters, to our customers, to the communities we serve and most importantly our founder, Elias Ghantous.

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